Crossing The Sun  

© W. A. Wyatt | Produced by Ben Trexel Studios (Birmingham, AL)| Mastered by Brian Gibbs (Tool Shed Studios, Morgan Hill, CA


EXHALE: Time to crank up the volume! The opening track “Exhale” brings all the gain in the guitar work and unfolds meaning in the struggles we sometimes face. When a fear creeps in, wondering what others think, it's time to EXHALE, and speak ones truth. 





COVER IS BLOWN: This up-tempo rock tune comes from that rocker in all of us. I mean, who hasn’t started singing to their favorite rock tune while driving to work or sitting behind a computer. The grunge sound in this song exposes the most unsuspecting. We all have a song we love. That’s right, loosen up your tie, your “Cover Is Blown!”



CROSSING THE SUN: The title track “Crossing The Sun” is about our journey in life. Sometimes we may struggle in beginnings with the one we love and sometimes life may move WAY too fast. However, as we cross the sun, in this life together, the most important thing is having each other. 



REASONS: Have you ever found yourself in a bad situation? This song is rooted in a more acoustically rhythmic-swing. As we enter a bad situation and see all of the reasons that got us there, it's time to take control, hold on to who we are, and face what’s bringing us down. 







ILLUSIONS: Like a bait, there are curiosities in life that tempt us to take chances. This curiosity of a new beginning hands us a rope. However, for some, taking that step can be challenging, some boundaries haunt us, these “Illusions” of lines. This song is about being in the fight for new beginnings. 


OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD: The song is based on a memory of a friend who made the difficult decision to move far from home, heartbroken, as he leaves his new found love. 



RISKY WAYS: Life may seem like a script that is all laid out for you. You reach the college years, you study, and you take a job. Some people take risks, some choose a different road, and this songs you. 



PRISON ON THE ROAD: After watching one of Soundgardens final performances, I thought about all of the amazing artists that have passed over recent years. Thoughts about how challenging it must be for some to spend days or months on the road. When some artist take the stage, they are in their element, showcasing a love and passion for what they do. 



TIME ALWAYS FLIES: We all have that special place where memories are made and the real world is left far behind. “Time Always Flies” was written while chilling on the beach and watching waves crash along the shore. In these moments we are always thinking of the day of departure. It’s the day we all dread, returning to the real world. Perhaps it’s always knowing this time won’t last forever? Or perhaps it’s always thinking about the day we must leave? Why not make a choice to enjoy life, and leave when you feel the time is right.






VOLCANO SUNSET: The final track on the album is composed of most elements in the original recording and a tribute to the beginnings of Far From Final. This song is about all apologies and the beauty that can evolve from the most difficult of times.