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Based in Birmingham, AL

Founded in 2016

Genre: #Rock #Alternative



“Crossing The Sun is a testament of how amazing Far From Final can be, and as soon as the record comes on, the listener can easily get lost in its soaring atmospheres.”

Far From Final

"The Road"

When the sound fits the lyric, there is no need to change what comes natural. It’s what we enjoy most about songwriting and creating music. For years on end recording melodies and writing lyrics on every spare piece of paper. There were always unforeseen moments that would inspire me to create a new song or hook. It’s like a long and winding road, that often involves changing direction along the way. It’s amazing how an experience can give you clear direction, making the process of creating a new song flow with such ease. In some cases it may require different directions in order to find the right sound to best fit the the lyric. I would often begin each song by singing melodies with an acoustic backed track. I would later produce the bass, drums, and lead guitar tracks, along with harmonies. When I would let others hear samples of my new music, I would often state, “what you hear is Far From Final.” I’m so thankful to have discovered Ben Trexel who helped me produce Crossing The Sun and make Far From Final a reality. The second single from the album, Exhale, has reached over 20,000 streams on Spotify, with a growing fanbase on social media and sites like Radio Airplay. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to travel this road and look forward to sharing more music with our fans.- W.A. Wyatt

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